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What is extranet?



An extranet is a communications network that allows customers, partners, vendors, suppliers and other businesses to get information. An extranet is based on common Internet protocols including Transport Control Protocol and Internet Protocol (TCP / IP) and is usually used to share information. An extranet is different from an internet website in which access to the extranet is limited to individual users with appropriate login credentials.

An extranet can be seen as part of the company's intranet, usually sharing a specific company or educational institution safely. In addition, an extranet can be divided into several special areas with different access requirements. Therefore, information and data can be separated so that a business partner, client or seller can use information only for their operations, and users can access other sensitive company data through user ID, password and other authentication mechanisms. Can be restricted. Which is extended to users outside the company.

An intranet can be viewed as an intranet map on the public internet or any other private network. An extranet requires security and privacy. These include firewall server management, issuing digital certificates and using the same equipment as user authentication, encryption of messages, and virtual private networks (VPNs) that make tunnels through public networks.

Benefits of using an extranet for companies include:

  • Exchange large amounts of data using electronic data interchange (EDI)
  • Share product catalog especially with wholesalers or those "in business"
  • Cooperation and training with other companies on joint development efforts
  • Develop and use training programs jointly with other companies
  • Sharing services such as online banking applications between affiliate banks, such as providing or access to a group of companies by other companies, and online banking applications
  • Particular losses with partner companies, especially the costly implementation and maintenance

FPS is a large shipping company that specializes in transportation of package and other goods. There are many FPS customers, one of which is the XYZ Corporation, which ships many products to its customers. XYZ Corporation requires detailed shipping report and associated documentation.

FPS has a website on the Internet that everybody can use to track the package, but the website does not offer the level of detail to meet the privacy requirements of EXEZ or extend. The ability to give details of all the packages sent to XYZ is needed, by which, and package receipt data. To meet the needs of its customers, FPS creates an extranet which requires a special login. Extranet XYZ provides the corporation access to its extensive ownership report and related shipping documentation.

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