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Telecommunications - What does Telecom mean?

Telecommunications - What does mean?    

Telecommunications,Telecommunications - What does mean?

Telecommunication, also known as Telecom, telecommunication at a critical distance, through electronic and electrical interaction, and refers to all types of voice, data and video transmission. A complete telecommunication system is made of two or more stations equipped with transmitter and receiver devices. At any station, the transmitter and receiver connected in the same device, which is called a transceiver, can also be used in many telecommunication stations.

The medium of signal transmission can be through electric wire or cable (also known as "copper"), optical fiber, electromagnetic field or light. Free space transmission and reception of data.

Telecommunication equipment includes

  • telephone (wired and wireless), 
  • telegraph, 
  • radio, 
  • a microwave communication system, 
  • fiber optics, 
  • satellite and internet

The Importance of Telecommunications

Most countries have their own agencies to implement telecommunications rules. However, telecommunications and broadcasting are administered worldwide by an agency of the United Nations, which is called the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

The objectives of telecommunications communication are transmitted as electrical signals known as carrier waves, which are collective in analogue or digital signals for transmission of information. In today's modern times, this process usually involves sending electromagnetic waves through electronic transmitters. But in the early years, it could include the use of smoking signals, drums, or semaphores.
Today, it is usually designed by telecommunications engineers. Telecommunication is comprehensive and tools that assist in this process, such as television, radio and telephone, are common in the world of many parts. There are also many networks that connect the devices, which include computer networks, public telephone networks, radio networks and television networks. Computer communication on the Internet is one of many examples of telecommunications. An important part of the telecommunications industry.

The telecommunications service providers

Companies providing different types of telecommunications services are usually run by telecom service providers, which are also called communication service providers. Historically, these providers offered telephone and related services and now offer various types of internet and WAN services as well as metro area networks and global services.

In many countries, telecom service providers were primarily owned and operated by the government, but now it is not, and many have been privatized. International Telecommunication Union is a UN agency that manages telecommunications and broadcasting rules.

Telecommunication, which means distant words, combined with the Latin word communication, which means sharing. The word comes from the Greek prefix table.

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